Thank You

We want to publicly thank T. Gary Rogers, Don Knauss, Doug Boxer, Mike Ghielmetti and everyone else at Oakland Waterfront Ballpark for their efforts to keep the A’s in Oakland at the Howard Terminal site.

By now, you’ve probably heard that Rogers and Knauss authored an op-ed in the Nov. 16 Oakland Tribune, saying that because “the current (A’s) ownership has no intention of seeking a new ballpark at Howard Terminal, or anywhere else in Oakland for that matter,” they are reluctantly releasing “the Port of Oakland from our Exclusive Negotiating Agreement on Howard Terminal.”

Rogers and Knauss also urged Lew Wolff and John Fisher “to sell the team, so that they won’t spend the next 10 years as they’ve spent the last eight — doing nothing to get a new ballpark in Oakland.”

We hope that Oakland Waterfront Ballpark’s recent announcement is a re-boot on their efforts to keep the team, rather than some type of conclusion. Either way, we again thank them for spending time and money on keeping the A’s in Oakland.

Lastly, we want to echo their parting thought. Wolff and Fisher should either commit to building in Oakland or sell the team. Anything short of that means they will keep A’s fans in limbo for the next 10 years. And that’s unacceptable, considering that A’s fans have already been going through this nonsense since 1995.

To all Oakland A’s fans who are understandably weary of this fight, please keep the faith and stay united and focused.

To Rogers, Knauss and everyone else with Oakland Waterfront Ballpark, thank you again. Please know that your work has been much appreciated, and we have a feeling we’ll be seeing you guys down the road.

Let’s go, Oakland.



One thought on “Thank You

  1. I grew up an A’s fan during the glory years of the early 70’s even while residing in suburban Philadelphia PA. Old enough to be devastated when my favorite player Rick Monday went to the Cubs. I have been watching this parallel debacle unfold from afar over these last several years regarding the uncertainty of the A’s remaining in Oakland as well as the complete disregard for providing a suitable playing facility. I can’t begin to imagine what it has been like for fans and their families wondering if their baseball team will be with them next year…two years…five years from now. It truly is criminal what the ownership and Major League Baseball has…or rather…has not done…to resolve the situation favorably for the city of Oakland and the surrounding communities. A’s fans…please keep the faith. There are fans of this franchise all over the country hoping you will continue to fight on the front lines to keep the Athletics in Oakland.

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