Jenkins to Wolff/Fisher: “Sell the damn team. Get out.”


When the A’s began their fire sale last week, Bruce Jenkins strongly criticized John Fisher and Lew Wolff in a column whose headline called the A’s owners a “penurious disgrace.” The headline sent us to our dictionary, informing us that penurious means “extremely stingy, miserly.”

Unfortunately, Jenkins is spot-on. Fisher and Wolff truly are very stingy and they are a disgrace to baseball because they choose money over trying to win every time. We’ll let Jenkins explain further:

“The whole operation is tired and depressing. Wolff and Fisher are extremely wealthy men who make millions in baseball’s revenue sharing, yet refuse to take their rightful place among the big-spending teams, and there’s simply no excuse for that.”

Jenkins then called for Fisher and Wolff to get out of baseball, something that many A’s fans have been wanting for years. Jenkins wrote:

“Can you imagine running a business that everyone wants you to sell — and then stubbornly refusing? As if you’re right and the exasperated public is wrong? The message couldn’t be more clear: Sell the damn team. Get out. Something has to change in Oakland, and it won’t without an entirely new outlook.”

We’ve always believed that the story of A’s fan attendance should focus on how good attendance is at the Coliseum, in spite of 20 years of ownership’s threats to move the team and constant negative talk about the stadium. Apparently, Jenkins agrees:

“As for the fans, one wonders why anyone would bother to give Lew Wolff or John Fisher one cent of a paycheck.”

Finally, Jenkins openly questions how Fisher’s and Wolff’s tired act is playing with fellow MLB owners and the league’s new leader.

“I just have to wonder if new Commissioner Rob Manfred would prefer to see it happen under responsible ownership. He has to be as repulsed by the A’s business strategy as anyone else.”

After two decades of A’s owners mistreating Oakland baseball fans, we’re definitely repulsed by ownership’s business strategy. We completely agree with Jenkins. Count us among the many A’s fans who wish Fisher and Wolff would “get out of baseball” and “sell the damn team” — finally — to someone who cares about winning.


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